The modern sports science knows today an almost endless register of drugs, which have a very positive effect on exercise performance and thus are also known as doping in particular. In contrast, however, to put all the drugs that reduce the one hand, exercise performance and their use in combination with exercise on the other hand a significant and serious danger may pose health.

These drugs include in particular the well-known antibiotics. It is now known that the combination can cause a taking antibiotics and exercise to serious health consequences, so to refrain entirely from taking the antibiotics of the sport.
This valuation is due as a result of points.

First, it should be noted that support the use of antibiotics the body in the fight against bacterial diseases is. The body is during such an administration phase so preoccupied with the disease. In addition, the use of antibiotics also increase the body weakens, since the drug in the body is perceived primarily as a foreign body and thus is reducing.Overall, the body as in particular by the disease and the medication is substantially reduced.

Now would be a further exercise – sometimes quite significant – impact on the body. The athlete can run here so risk his body to take on all charges beyond what ultimately result in significant health damage. In particular, the combination of prolonged use of antibiotics and intensive exercise cause a heart muscle inflammation that can result from an overload of the heart muscle.

In addition, antibiotics in particular has an extremely negative effect on vitamin and mineral deficiency in the body. Because these substances are excreted from the body along with the degraded antibiotics, so when taking commonly nutrient deficiencies exist in the body.

This ultimately has a significant impact on physical performance. In particular, this deficit slows the regeneration of the stressed muscle. Again, this would – result in an overload of the organism – during activity. Because the existing regenerative capacity is not sufficient to compensate for the stresses to which the body is exposed.

This ultimately shows that exercise while taking antibiotics or other drugs not only harmful, but ultimately useless, because the body already too involved in the fight against the disease concerned, than that he could respond accordingly to the training stimulus. This is, moreover, for a certain period after taking antibiotics, because the body is busy for some time with your character. After a taking antibiotics and sports should therefore be at least several weeks.